Information About Turkey And Alanya

The perfect combination of peace and excitement

More and more foreigners are discovering charming Alanya as an ideal place for a second residence. Important reasons for this include the breathtaking landscape and the fantastic climate.

The turquoise sea, the long beaches and the banana groves will give you an immediate holiday feeling. And then there is also the impressive Taurus Mountain that rises in the distance.

The subtropical climate of this reason ensures that it is also especially pleasant in the winter. The temperature fluctuates in those months around 15° C. In the summer the mercury can rise to 35° C.

Toros Çekiç Construction projects will be build in Mahmutlar. These colourful spot is situated 10 kilometres from Alanya and 120 kilometres from the airport.
In addition Mahmutlar offers the perfect combination of peace and excitement. The bustling crowds that are so typical of a popular tourist city such as Alanya have not made it to the area. So, life in Mahmutlar is safe and enjoyable, the local population is particularly hospitable, and it is a place where you can relax completely. 
But this does not mean that you will be bored in Mahmutlar. There are numerous shops and restaurants, and every Tuesday and Saturday there is a large market where you can enjoy strolling past stalls of fresh vegetables, handmade jewellery and affordable clothing.

 And of course at times you will want to go out until the wee hours, or do a bit more extensive shopping: in a flash you can be in Alanya by public transportation, which functions flawlessly. Taxis are also excellent and quite affordable. 

In the vicinity of Alanya there are also many sights to see and great cultural riches. The historic castle on the cape of Alanya, for example, or the Damlataş grotto that is said to be beneficial to asthmatic conditions. The ruins of antique cities, too, such as Laertes and Syedra are definitely worth visiting. An excellent place to spend a hot day is the Dimçay River, and in the summer season you can take a daytrip to Turkish Cyprus by boat.

 For those who like a bit of adventure, in the neighbourhood of Alanya there are loads of exciting outings to make. How about rafting? In groups of 4 to 12 persons you mount a large inflatable boat on a wild streaming river. On the way, you round spectacular rockeries and tumble from (small) waterfalls. 

A popular river for rafting is the Köprüçay river which crosses the beautiful Köprülü Canyon National Park. This park is in the neighbourhood of Antalya. The water is crystal-clear and the environment breath-taking. Besides, all participants have to wear a helmet and a life-jacket.  
A bit closer to Alanya, the Manavgat river at Manavgat offers possibilities for rafting. 

Jeep safari 
 Another must is a jeep safari. Whilst you drive through the forests and alongside pittoresque Turkish villages, the jeep climbs higher and higher into the Taurus mountains. Just the outlooks from these heights make a jeep safari an experience. Moreover, it is a pleasant way to discover the inlands of Alanya and surroundings via the hinterland. 

You just have to know it. In the 25 Meterstreet in Alanya there is a junction (at the Garantibank to the right) which leads to the Atatürk-house and -museum. The unequalled hero of Turkey, who brought the country its independence, has visited Alanya on the 18th  of February 19 35. A historic event for the city. He arrived a day earlier than expected and threw the whole organization committee into confusion. There is a bit of clothing to see and also a telegram he sent to the citizens of Alanya. He wrote that he was very touched by the hospitality and the sincere affection of the population of Alanya and that he regretted he couldn't stay longer.

The museum is open daily from 8 a.m. till 5 p.m., except on Saturdays and Sundays. The Atatürk-house is also closed for a little while during lunchtime. 

Between Alanya and Mahmutlar, just beyond the village of Kestel, is the junction to the Dimçay-river. This is perhaps the best spot in the neighb Alanya Dimcayourhood of Alanya to spend a really relaxing day. How about an afternoon along the water in your own tree-hut? Enjoying fresh fish and salads, with the murmuring of the river in the background?  

It's the little restaurants which make the Dimçay a unique attraction. Because almost every establishment has built a sort of wooden huts, against the mountain or as a kind of raft on the water. On the wooden floor, pillows are laid around a low table. You have privacy and the moment you want to eat or drink something, you only have to give a shout. 

Especially in the hot summer months of July and August, a lot of people are there searching for a chill. Between the trees it is always cool and those who get warm anyway, they can take a dive in the fresh water. 

Damlataş Mağarası 
Alanya Damlatas CaveIn the west of the peninsula of Alanya is the Damlataş Mağarası, or the stalactite- and stalagmite cave. Discovered by mistake in 1948, when rocks were blown up to win stones for the building of the harbour. Scientific  research showed afterwards that this stalactite- and stalagmite cave has a healing effect on asthmatic affections. This announcement in the newspapers led to an unknown flow of tourists and asthmatic patients who wanted to experience this ‘wonder' themselves. Because at that moment there was not enough room in Alanya to host all visitors, new hotels were built everywhere. This was probably the beginning of the tourism to Alanya. 

Don't imagine too much about the cave as a touristic attraction: the cave only exists of one, rather small, room which is reached by descending a stair. Here are benches, as well placed for the asthmatic patients who can take a cure here. The healing effect of the cave has to do with the composition of the air over there. This consists of an amount of carbon dioxide which is many times higher than the amount in normal air. The same applies to the humidity which is higher and furthermore the air contains some radioactivity. All these factors should help in the remedy of asthmatic affections. 

The archaelogical location of Mahmutlar: a special surprise 
Alanya Damlatas CaveMaybe you have a (second) residence in Mahmutlar for a while already and you know the village at your finger-ends. Yet there is a chance that you don't know the archaelogical location of Mahmutlar.  

For, you have to know how to get there - it is situated at the back of Mahmutlar, a few kilometers from the sea and a Turkish flag marks the location - and the ruins are hidden behind banana plantations and marshlands. Besides, this is a small location and not really known by the general public. 

What there is to see are the remains of a city from the Roman and Byzantine period. Those who have a close look will be able to discover the remains of a church, a public bath and dwelling-houses, but unfortunately these ruins are in a very bad shape. Supposedly this perished city at the sea was once a kind of access-gate for Laertes, which is situated further in the mountains, whose remains are preserved better.  

Alanya Damlatas CaveTo reach the well-known ruins of Laertes via Mahmutlar, you drive from the centre of Mahmutlar 12 kilometers east into the mountains (at the roundabout with the Atatürk statue into the sanayi (industry-alley) and then the first large road to the right into the mountains). Beyond the replica of the Syaedra castle you see at a certain moment a sign ‘Laertes'. You have to go left on a climbing road northwest which leads to the ruins. 

The remains of the old city Laertes are located on the mountain Cebel-i Reis at an altitude of 850 meters and  date especially from Roman times.   

As known now, Laertes must have had his flourishing period between the first and third century. Although little is known further, we know that coins were struck in the name of emperor Trajan and empress Herennia Etruscill. When you go and have a look, you will first of all be impressed by the spectacular view of the sea and the peninsula of Alanya. Then, while you look around, take notice of the mosaic works which are still visible after so many centuries. And the marble columns which are decorated with ox-heads.

One of the best preserved remains of the old city is the Agora, the square where in earlier days there could be plenty of discussion. Other remains are those of a church, a temple for the supreme god Zeus Megistos and the city walls. 

Enjoy the City life in Hill Side Cekic Residence
Luxury living at one of the best locations in Alanya. That is exactly what the well-known and prestigious construction Toros Cekic has to offer with there newest project. 20.09.2013
Open Lacrosse Championships Turkey
At the end of September, for the first time in Alanya and for the second time in Turkey, the Open Lacrosse Championships are held. Lacrosse is a team sport that is very popular in Canada and the United States. 18.09.2013
Golden Orange Film Festival
The Golden Orange Film Festval is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. It will be held from 4-11 October, at different locations throughout the city.