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We are so happy that we found this apartment in Paradise Hill Resort,TCR VIII.It is a wonderfull place to live.And Toros Cekic,is a fantastic company,that help you with everything you need.We are so happy with our choise.we can recomand Toros Cekic to everybody.

Dear Lill,
We are very pleased that you join our big family with your lovely husband and children. It is a pleasure for us.Best Regards - TCR Team

To inhabitants Toros Cekic Construction V.

With Christmas! You are congratulated by the neighbour from 22 rooms V Toros Cekic Construction.To inform that I sell the apartment in 11 floor. The contractual is valuable. To write to me on an e-mail:, Rimantas Berzinis.

Dear Rimantas and Galina,
it is nice to hear that you have sold your apt.but we will miss you.
all the best wishes
Toros Cekic Co. Canan

Sjaak & Betty Jochems

As proud and very satisfied owners from an apartment in Sun Paradise we made a website specialy about this beautiful complex.
By this way we try to connect the residents with eachother and communicate about the project.
Please have a look on and leave a message in our guestbook or by the contact button.

Dearest Sjaak & Betty,
I am also very proud of you because of your efford for Sun Paradise. I am very happy to have you in this fantastic complex. I hope to everyone in the webpage of Sun Paradise.greetings Canan


hallo jolanda en dilo zoals jullie weten er zijn mensen die onze app wilt kopen ik zelf heb er moeite mee maar het is niet anders zoals je weet maar ik heb goed nieuws met mijn en syl gaat het goed en dat is wat telt althans voor mijn wel jolanda ik heb altijd wel in je gelooft dat je tegen me zij ik hoop dat het goed komt tussen jou en syl ben je dankbaar voor echt geloofme komt ook goed tussen mijn en syl alleen onze droom zoals toro,s helaas maar wie weet komen we terug ik bedoel turkijen een droom huis in turkijen maar nogmaals jolanda jou woorden zijn wel uit gekomen dat je tegen me zij geloof hoop en liefde ik zal jou en dilo nooit vergeten wat je voor ons heeft betekent nou groetjes van mijn en syl aan jullie team van toro,s jullie krijgen een plekje in me hart ik zal het team van toro,s nooit vergeten gr bram syl en roy dikke knuffel van ons afz bram

Hallo Bram en Sylvia, Een huis in Turkije is alleen leukals je er in kunt zitten met de mensen waarvan je het meeste houdt! Ik ben zo blij te horen dat alles weer goed met jullie gaat. Ach Toros blijft voorlopig nog wel bouwen in Mahmutlar en Bram na dit alles weten wij dat de wonderen de wereld niet uit zijn haha... Ben ontzettend blij met dit goede nieuws en hopenlijk zien wij elkaar weer heel snel. Nu misschien niet in Turkije maar in Nederland. Ga jullie goed enne...jullie hebben bij Dilo en mij natuurlijk ook een apart plaatsje in ons hart! Hartelijke groetjes van Dilo en Jolanda


Hi ladies & gentlemen,

from Holland lots of compliments for the beautiful pictures on the Toros site. I hardly can't wait to see it with my very own eyes. Take good care of yourselves and see you all soon,

hugs and kisses from Ronald

Dear Ronald,
Thank you very much for your nice compliments.We are happy to hear that you like it.Hope to see you soon.Big hugs from us also. Regards Canan

Lilian and Ben

Last week I also saw the web page with some new photo’s. But the last photo’s I just saw are amazing! Everything is so nice. And what a great job everyone did. We where there December 10th. Everything was muddy and the work people could not do anything but waiting till it finished raining. Now 1½ month later all off you did an enormous lot of work. Please pass along our compliments for all of you.
When we make plans to come over for the completion I will let you know.

Kind regards,

Lilian and Ben

Dear Lilian & Ben,
We are very happy to hear that you are satisfied with our works.We really work so hard in these days to make everything perfect. When we hear such a nice words from our client , we forget all our tiredness.Thank you very much for your compliments.
Hope to see you soon ...Best Regards Toros Cekic-Canan

sarah mc bride

What a wonderful country you have. I enjoy every holiday I spend in Mahmutlar. Your people are so kind and helpful, congratulations.

Dear Sarah,
Thank you very much for your nice compliments.We are very happy to met with you...We wish all the best to you.Best Regards - Canan

Eva and Frank Visnes

Hello averyone at Toros Cekic Constructions!!

We have just arrived home after a great week in Mahmutlar. Our duplex in the E-block in Paradise Hill Resort are as good as finished and we really looking forward to be back with our family in march.
We wanna thank you all for all help, especially Mehmet and hope more norwegians will invest in this fantstic paradise in Mahmutlar.

Say hello to everyone!

Best regards

Eva and Frank Visnes

Dearest Eva & Frank,
We are very happy to hear that you are satisfied with your apartment and with the project.We tried to make our best with the projects and now it is fantastic to get these compliments from you.In March you will stay in your own apartment with the family and enjoy your holiday here.Looking forward to see you in March...
Greetings to everyone from Toros Cekic Team 
Best Regards

Esther Patterson

Hi to fellow owners in Toros Cekic. Has anyone looked into renting out their apartments? I will not be using mine much this year and wonder what the rental prospect is like. Also if anyone knows anyone who wishes to rent I would appreciate hearing from them.
I live in Residence V11.

Esther Patterson

Hello Esther,
If someone ask us for rental apartment we will offer your apartment to them. Hope to see you seen. Toros Cekic / Canan

Sean May

Hai lads
How is business going? I see that you have made great progress since my last visit.I hope my apartment will be ready to use in March.Otherwise I will find you Gokhan :)
By the way Gokhan do you want something from England?
Let me know
Bye for now

Hello Sean,
It is nice to hear from you.Business is very well and very busy in these days. I am glad to hear that you like our works.As I promise it will be ready in March...and we will celebrate it ok.For other things I will be in touch with you. Toros Cekic- Gokhan


Hello everyone!

The family and I would like to wish, all the owners of Toro V and the staf that works there, a marry christmas and a happy new year.

Hanne Berland, Toros V, B15

Hello Hanne,
We wish you all the best to you and Happy new Year & Merry Christmas...
Toros Cekic Team

Marit and family

Hello Canan
Than you for all your help whit our transportation when we were visiting our apartement in July. We miss the summer-heat in Turkey.. Here in Norway it's not the same. But we are coming back the first week in october :-) We are looking forward to see you again. Say hello to Mehmet from us all.
Best regards fra Marit Haugen & Co.

Dear Marit, It is nice to hear that you enjoyed your holiday.We have here shining sun always welcome...Regards from everybody..Canan

Eileen Langford

Hello,I was visiting your web page and I want to tell you that I really impressed from your project called Paradise Hill Resort.It is fantastic and I want to see it also when I arrive there in Agust.See you in August...

Dear Eileen,thank you for your interest.We are always here and ready to help you...Please inform us about meeting date.Regards Canan

Fiona and Micheal

Hello Toros Cekic,
We are back in Ireland now and it is sadly raining again!!! We are exited already about returning on 26th August!!Jana, it was so nice talking to you on Monday.See you in August.

Dearest Fiona, I understand how you miss here but you will come back soon.It was also a privillage for me to have nice a conversation with you.See you soon / Canan

Armand & Lis

Hello all,
We are Denmark and fixing our luggage we will be in our paradise apartment one day later and we are very happy that we will be there soon.I missed to be there..
see you tomorrow..

Hello Armand,
It is nice to hear that you will be here soon.Have a nice travel in advance to your nice apartment and peaceful holiday.See you soon / TCR Canan


Hello to everyone...I want to thank you very much for nice trip to my apartment.Sun Paradise is going really very well.My son also like the apartment very much.We are excited to live there.Thanks to you all..Mary

Dear Mary, it was very nice to see you here.Also we are very pleased to meet with your son.End of the year you will have your apartment.Nice greetings to your son. Toros Cekic Canan

Cathy & Paul Dolan

Hello Toros Cekic,Thank you for the update on our apartment blocks. I recently visited and the work you have been doing is fantastic, you have the complex looking very well.Thank you,Cathy & Paul Dolan

Hello Paul& Cathy, firstly welcome.We like to hear that you like Tprps Cekic V-VI and VII garden and other general usage areas.When we see the satisfaciton on your face we feel ourselves succesfull.have fantastic times in your holiday here.Toros Cekic team


Hello,I will be there one week later and I learn from my friends that you made some repairments and changes in the garden.They say that it is really fantastic.See you 1 week later. Svein Arne

Hello Svein,garden is very nice at the moment I am sorry but I can not be modest about it,they are right.More then 12 worker and 2  artictechs worked about one months to renovation.And it is very nice now.You will see it on your own eyes soon.Have a nice flight to here..Toros Çekiç Canan


Hello, it was very nice to be there for one week.Now we are in Norway and and it is cold here.We mis our warm apartment in Mahmutlar.See you soon..John Ostereng

dear John, I am sure that your apartment mis you is stil warm and nice.Maybe you can thing about living here !!! Greetings to all family...Toros Çekiç Canan


Hello Toros Cekic, I will come 15 December and I have to fix soem furniture staff. I hope one of you can help me with that.Thanks in advence and see you. Lis & Villy

Hello Lis & Villy, It is very nice to hear that you will come soon. Please do not worry about your furnitures we are always here to help you with everything.Have a nice flight in advance and nice greetings to Bjarne and Gudrun  Toros Çekiç Canan


Hello, I want to thank everbody in the office and construction side who help us in our holiday and decision time.We are very pleased to meet you all and also so satisfied to prefer you.We are very excited to decorete our apartment in Paradise Hill Resort and live there.Talk to you later on.Best Regards from a cloudy Ireland. Paul&Crol

Dear Paul and Carol; It was a privillage to meet you.We are sure that you will have fastastic times in your holiday in your apartment in Paradise Hill Resort.Hope to see you soon.Best Regards from Toros Çekiç / Canan


Hello Toros Çekiç...I was in in Turkey in September for two weeks.Holiday Village is very nice looking with re-newed garden. I want to thank you for fixing small problems in my apartment.It is very nice to know that you always have service for us. Best wishes to you all.Joan

Dear Joan , Thanks a lot for your compliments.We are always here to serve and help you with all your staff. When you enjoy holiday and your second home here then we would be happy and succesfull. Hope to see you soon again.Regards Canan


Hello our second family.We want to inform you that in 12 Sep. we will be there and see you.Thank you for the fixing curtains.Looking forward to see you...Loves Richard

Dearest Richard, it is very nice to hear that we could see you soon.Your curtains are in order and suits with your furniture.Very good choose.You will impress when you see it in in your windows.Nice greetings to Mrs.Collins...see you 12 September   Toros Cekic Canan

Carol and Fran Hanley

Hello Sophia we would like to let you know that we will be arriving in Alanya on 10Sep and are looking foward meeting everyone and seeing our apartment TCR V .Kind regards Carol and Fran,

Hello Carol and Fran, We are also looking forward to see you and hope that you are surprised when you see the apartment! Best regards Toros Cekic Residence team.


Hello to all toros cekic residence V-VI-VII check out house vision web site at. This address There is video of the inside of the show apartment. When on the web page go to Op.Tv then double click. Then double on Aflevering 16.You will need broadband to watch this video. Enjoy, yours fatefuly stephen.

Hello Dear Stephen, I have to say that you are a very successful follower of us. Thanks a lot for this. You got your key Tuesday and you were so satisfied and happy. Its gives lots of proud to us. It was a pleasure for us to meet with you. Hope you have very nice times in your apartment. Kind Regards Toros Cekic Residence team Alanya.

stephen kirenan

hello to all heck out my new msn space has loads of pics of the toros cekic reisidence V,Vl,VII from the begining of building check them out at

stephen kiernan

Hi Sophia, The pictures of resident V block look absoultlily beautiful, I like the paint job it is very colourful.We met in the R.D.S at the stand in dublin Ireland.Can you get any pictures of the inside of V B block apartment number 14 ?As i want to show my work collages the pictures some of them are intersted in purchasing the apartment in turkey and i have recommended your company and i would like to show them some more pictures. Regards, Stephen Kiernan


Hallo Toros cekicresidence V1, can we have some new photos please cant wait to see what has been done,looking forward to seeing you in August.

Hi Carol! Our construction of Toros Çekiç Residence V-VI-VII is going very well! We are following the construction schedule and we will be ready in time. It looks really nice and we are looking forward to the day when you all come down and will see your apartments. We will put some new pictures on the web site as soon as we can! Best regards Sophia Güner

Jørgen/admin -

Hey, owners of Holiday Village, Mahmutlar... Here is the internet side, goaloriented to all owners of Holiday Village (in english, swedish, norwegian and danish) A forum where we can share information, and get a dialogue by despite of distance. Look whom your neighbours is, and get a dialogue (in house post and email). Your email address is hidden too others. Forums where you can ask question and get response… Hope to see you in Holiday Village... Admin/Jørgen (neighbour)

Eelco Zijl

Hallo allemaal, fijne feestdagen gehad allemaal? Verder ook alles goed met jullie? Nog de beste wensen! Groeten Eelco

Hello! We are all fine! We hope that you are too! Best wishes for the new year!/ Sophia

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